First SCADA software built on Industry 4.0 fundamentals: Pure Web Technology and OPC UA
Pure Web SCADA
Unlike other SCADA systems, atvise® is not web based, atvise® IS pure web technology. This distinction brings great benefits such as:

  • No plugins: web browsers are ready to launch atvise® clients
  • No need to install, maintain and license client software
  • Responsive Design, so you can visualize your plant from any device with any resolution
  • Multi-language, everybody interacts using a web browser
  • High Quality visual effects due to vector graphics SVG
  • Mutli-touch
  • Highest security standards: HTTPs

atvise® uses WWW Consortium (W3C) standards such as HTML5 and SVG to guarantee an always modern and updated system. No one imagines a future without web browsers!

OPC UA in the core
When it comes to interoperability of systems, only the standard OPC UA is currently available with regards to communications in industry 4.0:

  • Subscribing to realtime data from PLCs, DCSs, other SCADAs, and more
  • Getting historical tags from other systems through OPC UA HA and analyse them with charts and tables available in atvise®
  • Serving and subscribing Alarms & Conditions through OPC UA
  • Historize data into atvise®, analyse them and serve them through OPC UA HA to third party systems
  • Vertical Objects – atvise® goes beyond object oriented design, by offering this functionality directly over OPC UA
  • And much more

All this and much more is possible due to OPC UA is the second fundamental of atvise®. This will allow us to grow up as the OPC Foundation keeps releasing new OPC specifications.


atvise® scada offers installers both for Windows and Linux. Now you can choose the most convenient operating system for your installation: Windows for a shared server with other enterprise software, Ubuntu for building an atvise® server in the cloud and giving remote access to users, or Debian for installing atvise® in an embedded PC with ARM architecture.

Clients can be launched on Windows, Ubuntu, MAC, Android, iOS… on any operating system that supports web browsers!

Remote Engineering

Access, design, modify, configure and do a whole commissioning of your SCADA remotely. Avoid unnecessary travels, reduce costs of engineering hours, speed up project delivery terms, make modifications quickly and much more in the most secure way.

Engineering tool atvise® builder allows integrators or developers to create and modify projects from any location due to remote access through OPC UA.
With atvise® builder, data acquisition and application design are easier, more secure and more efficient than ever.

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